The King of Roster Updates started out as a small website hosted on a free server as
Here is what the old site looked like back in the day...

Old Website flashback

The website started in the summer of 2006 as a fun little project. I enjoyed making roster updates for various games on the PS2, and I wanted to learn web design. I put the two together and "The King of Roster Updates" was born. The site was hosted on for around a year, but with the release of the PS3 as well as the loads of traffic I was getting I decided to look into hosting elsewhere. Through playing online on the PS3 on the hit game Resistance: Fall of Man. I met up with Shawn aka "Marshmellow1328" as well as Chris "eviltim" where we created for our newly formed gaming clan "Knights of the Round". Now what does this have to do with Well through creation of the clan site, and based on the hosting plan purchased for that site, I decided to move my site over to the new server. Which created the we all know of today. Through the merger to the new server has come bigger and better things. A redesigned site as well as a larger selection of both PS2 and PS3 roster update downloads. The King of Roster Updates will continue to stick around. As long as I still have a will to create roster updates, will continue to be updated. Enjoy the site!

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